Vintage Vehicle Repair

NRSEC - Passionate about Classic and Vintage Vehicle Maintenance!

With our customer base spanning five continents, our Vintage Vehicle Repair Team understand the needs of enthusiasts, restorers, dedicated owners & collectors alike.

When a vehicle of heritage or historical value requires repair, diagnosis or parts supply, then NRSEC in Newark can help.

Our passion for vintage cars, tractors and motorcycles (not to mention boats and aeroplanes), means you can be certain your vintage engine, gearbox or other running gear, will be in good hands for its repair.

Vintage VW Beetle

Just some of the vintage vehicle repairs we offer;

• Manual gearbox strip and rebuild

• Differential repairs

• Bespoke one off lathe engineered parts

• MIG, TIG and alloy welding plus brazing

• Press work, bearings and shafts removed and refitted

• Brake drum skimming and refacing


As well as offering a wide range of vintage vehicle repairs, NRSEC in Newark have many years’ experience in completing full engine refurbishment for vintage vehicles which we have sent all over the world for our customers. From crankshaft regrinds, valve seat cutting and fitting to repairing cracks in cylinder heads and pressure testing, rear main rope seal to rubber lip seal conversions, we have the knowledge and expertise to refurbish to a very high standard.


An incredibly popular service we offer to vintage vehicle owners and dealers is the conversion of vintage cylinder heads to use unleaded petrol.

Converting your vintage vehicle engine to enable unleaded petrol use, not only gives your vehicle engine new lease of life, but means your enjoyment of your vintage car can be made simpler by using regular garages and forecourts to fill up on your weekend outings! Our passion for vintage engineering runs through our business, dedicated to ensuring all vehicles in our care are given top class treatment, whether vintage or modern – every vehicle deserves quality workmanship, and our team delivers!