Quality Engineering

Engineering Repairs


Our extensive and well equipped engineering facility at NRSEC, Newark, means we can offer our customers an unparalleled range of engineering repair services across a multitude of vehicles, including; cars, motorcycles, fleet and commercial, agricultural (including tractor engines), vintage and marine.

We offer bespoke repairs and rebuilds, covering the whole of the vehicles mechanical systems. From manual gearbox and alloy casing repairs to bearing modifications, crankshaft regrinds, alloy welding and brazing. You can be certain NRSEC have the knowledge and expertise, to get your vehicle back in shape!

We have an on-site 60 tonne press to take care of bearing, shaft and hub removal and refitting for all loose units delivered to our engineering workshop here in Newark.

For welding requirements we have extensive experience across Alloy, TIG and MIG applications, so whatever your welding requirements you can be sure NRSEC can provide a solution.

Our engineering repair activities extends to boat or marine engine repair and rebuilds. With our service range available to both Trade and Public, you can deliver your engine to our Newark site for refurbishment or rebuild.

However, we can also arrange an on-site visit for engine investigations, diagnostics, running noise/issue assessment & advise before dismantling the engine and trying to find the issue afterwards. For example, coolant pressure testing - including intakes and exhausts on marinised engines.