Helicoil Rethread & Repairs

We offer a high quality, rapid response Helicoil installation service in Newark, Nottingham, Lincoln and surrounding areas.  This service is a perfect solution for....

- Sump Plug problems

- Spark Plug Inserts

- Sheared Bolt Removal & Replacement

Plus a whole host of other applications we've encountered over the many years we've been solving engineering problems, on-site, across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and beyond!

Our team are here to help, so if you find yourself stuck on a job with an unexpected twist, maybe an otherwise straightforward oil change, then feel free to give us a call here at Northern Road Service & Engineering Centre on 01636 705 244

NRSEC Helicoil Specialist

helicoil predrilling

helicoil threading

Call NRSEC first for your unexpected on-site stripped thread problems & associated repairs!

Our Helicoil rethread & repair service is just one of the many mobile engineering services we offer to new and existing customers from Nottingham to Lincoln, from our engineering workshops here in Newark.

So, whether it's a stripped sump plug or seized glow plugs or injectors that are stopping you from delivering to your customers, then get in touch with NRSEC and we'd be happy to help.

Call our Newark branch now on 01636 705 244